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Our Expert Help to Buy the Right Garage Door Opener

Not often do you need to buy a garage door opener in Rockwall, Texas. In fact, you need only to do once in your lifetime. If you move to a new home, you have to buy a garage door opener for two times. You should, therefore, know how to choose the right garage door opener. We at Garage Door Repair, Rockwall, Texas also believe in the fact that an opener is the most crucial garage door part. You can consider three different kinds of door openers. You need to choose a door opener based on your personal preferences.

People often use chain drives that make use of a metal chain to run. They are the least costly. The major disadvantage of chain drive openers is, however, the noisy motor. Belt drives are another type of garage door openers. They are the best sellers on the market today. You can rely on them for long periods. They last long and run without creating any disturbance. A belt drive is the most ideal for those homeowners with their bedrooms just above the garage. Belt drives are high-priced than chain drives but, they are worth your money. Screw-drive garage door openers use a lifting device, and this device runs along a steel threaded rod. They are reasonably priced and make enough noise to break the dead silence at night. Additionally, they are slow moving. The worst thing about screw drive openers is that they fail to perform in severe temperature variations.

You now know about different kinds of garage door openers. You can take price or quality of the opener into consideration to buy an opener. You should, however, give more thought to your garage door requirement while buying the door opener for your garage. If you wish, our technical experts can also help you in making the right purchase. They possess long years of experience in installing and repairing all makes and models of garage door openers. Our technicians are garage door opener repair experts and are adept at handling a range of garage door openers built by renowned manufacturers.

A few of the popular models comprise of:


½ HP chain drive garage door openers
¾ HP chain drive garage door openers
½ HP My Q Enabled chain drive garage door opener
¾ HP My Q Enabled chain drive garage door opener


LiftMaster 8550 W Elite Series DC Battery back-up belt drive
LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Wall-mount garage door opener
LiftMaster 8587 Elite Series ¾ HP AC chain drive garage door opener


Craftsman ½ HP belt drive garage door opener
Craftsman ½ HP chain drive garage door opener


Model 4064 (with 1-1/4 HPc motor)
Model 3064 (with 1 HPc motor)
Model 4024 (with 1 HPc motor)
Model 3024 (3/4 HPc motor)


Model 628 Pro Series ¾ HP
More 315 Core Series ½ HP

In addition to delivering garage door opener repair and installation services for your garage door opener, we are the reliable sellers of best quality garage door openers. We offer residential garage door openers at economical rates. If you hire us as your service provider, you don’t need to incur high cost on buying a garage door opener.

We deal with a wide variety of garage door opener remotes, some of which include:

2-button universal remote is compatible with almost any garage door opener model. You can sync it with two openers.

3-button elite remote comes with three buttons, and they can be used to control the functioning of as many as three openers.

3-button mini remote can easily fit into your pocket and helps to control the functioning of maximum three openers.

The Power of Our Personnel

We are a garage door repair company which is here to resolve all your garage door opener issues. We are garage door repair experts and boast of our crew of highly experienced technicians and highly impressive technology to deliver the best quality repair services. We guarantee you excellent products and services, best garage door opener repair cost, and top-notch quality materials if you hire us as your garage door service provider. What differentiates us from other service providers in the city is our highly skilled manpower. They are not only experts in their domain but also carry long years of experience in dealing with different types of issues that your garage door opener may encounter.

We aim to offer you best quality garage door opener repair and installation services at affordable prices. Our local repairmen understand that you have a financial budget that is constrained. You cannot afford to spend unnecessarily on repair services. If you are looking for high standard services, you can fully trust our garage door professionals to provide you with garage door opener repair tips and also deliver the finest quality services and that too, at competitive prices. We can challenge you that you won’t find services cheaper than us in the market.

Additionally, our repairmen are knowledgeable and skilled enough to deliver services for automatic garage door opener installation and also tackle sophisticated wireless key entry systems.
Time is no Constraint with Us

We are known to be the fastest emergency garage door opener repair service provider. We are your true savior whenever an emergency crops up. The convenience of our customers is the core of our business. Feel free to contact us even in the middle of the night for all your garage door opener repair services and other interrelated issues. We give topmost priority to your emergencies and try to resolve them within the same day. We assure that none of our customers face any discomfort due to broken or malfunctioning garage door. Our 24/7 service allows us to do even the same day garage install. Our garage door opener repair experts readily address your garage door-related problems on holidays and weekends. They charge nothing extra for emergencies, holidays, and weekends. You should hire our services because our professionals are garage door opener repair experts in detecting the problem right and solving them within the shortest possible timeframe. They also offer you valuable tips and information on automatic garage door opener installation.

We at Garage Door Repair, Rockwall, Texas are waiting to accept your call. Book an appointment with one of our technical experts. You can get in touch with our customer care representative at any time of the day or night. As soon as you report your garage door problem, our expert technician will visit the site of work.

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