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A sign of wear and tear on the garage door spring could actually lead to a bigger problem with the garage door in the future. We know that a spring is designed to work for over 10,000 cycles but temperature changes could actually degrade its performance. If an individual opts for a low quality spring, he might end up looking for a replacement after some time. It is, therefore, advised to buy highest quality garage door springs and that too from a reliable seller.

Garage Door Repair, Rockwall, TX is one of the trusted and leading names for garage door spring repair related services. We not only deal with broken garage door extension springs, but also sell high quality products at competitive prices at the store.

Spotting the Problem in the Garage Door Spring

Any problem with the opening and closing of garage door could be a sign of an issue with the garage door extension springs and torsion springs. Most individuals are aware of how worse it could get, thus, ignore the problem till the door gets jammed completely. It is the garage door springs that raise or lower the garage door and even a minor problem with these products could interrupt with the functioning of the garage door.

Garage Door Repair Rockwall, TX offers garage door torsion spring and extension spring at affordable prices. We also have a team to repair the spring and replace them at the client’s residence.

Difference Between Extension and Torsion Spring

Every time a garage door goes up and down, it is the garage door torsion spring attached over the door that counterbalances the weight. A garage door extension spring, on the other hand, is attached to the top of upper track on both sides of the garage door.

When the Garage Spring Breaks Down

Replacing or adjusting garage door springs properly is not a DIY task, as many individuals consider it to be. The part should be left to an expert who has experience of handling such repair jobs. The garage door springs are under high amount of pressure and someone who is not experienced of handling them could actually end up damaging the springs and the door. A person might not be careful enough when doing a DIY job, which could increase the chances of an accidental fall down of the garage door and is a threat to the home owners. It is always better to seek the help of an expert to minimize the chances of further damage or accidents in the house.

The advantage of seeking help of professionals is that they are well versed with what needs to be done in different scenarios. It is, therefore, better to seek the help of an expert on noticing wear and tear signs on the garage door springs. The only thing a homeowner could do to improve the performance and durability of springs is to lubricate them on a regular interval.

Why Choose Garage Door Repair Rockwall, TX?

We are your local garage door specialists with years of experience and sound reputation to provide unmatched services. There are many reasons why clients choose us:

  • The technicians are able to fix the Wayne-Dalton spring system as well as replace the garage door cables and the springs
  • We have licensed, trained and experienced team with several years of experience in handling garage door repair requirements
  • Our garage door springs come with lifetime guarantee, which itself boasts of their high quality
  • We ensure that the team gets trained on a regular basis so that it knows which technology is new in the industry and how to work on it
  • We have state-of-the-art infrastructure to stay ahead in the competition
  • We stock garage door parts of almost all the renowned brands in the inventory to meet the immediate needs of clients in an efficient way
  • We offer affordably priced products and services to clients, while ensuring that no compromise is done with the quality of work that we do
  • Clients can reach us anytime of the day and night for garage door repair related jobs. Besides offering 24×7 service, we also work on holidays and weekends without charging anything extra

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Garage Door Repair, Rockwall, TX is your reliable garage door spring repair services provider. Whether you are looking to purchase garage door extension springs or torsion springs or want to install a new garage door, we are just a call away. All that you need to do is, give us a call, explain the requirement and our executive will send you a free price estimate as soon as possible. If you are alright with the approximate price quoted for the service, we will schedule a technician for the repair or installation job at the residence. Our technician would call the client before arriving at their place. If there’s something more that you need to ask about our service and products offered, get in touch today.